Recommended Actions

Cape Cod faces serious challenges in providing sufficient housing for its citizens as well as ensuring the protection of its remaining natural resource areas, including the region’s water resources. The following are some Grow Smart recommendations for Cape Cod.

  • Prioritize spending and available funding sources to leverage resources that will be beneficial for housing, wastewater infrastructure development and natural resource protection.
  • Direct investments and local planning initiatives toward land identified in priority natural resource areas and priority housing areas by focusing efforts on acquisitions, regulatory requirements and other land use policy decisions for this dual objective.
  • Target housing production within identified housing areas and natural resource protection efforts in identified natural resource areas.
  • Rezone land within identified priority natural resource areas to reduce development potential and sprawl.
  • Rezone identified priority areas for housing to simplify and streamline the development of multi-family housing opportunities that are affordable and attainable to our year-round population.
  • Invest in wastewater infrastructure, which improves the affordability of housing construction and benefits water quality significantly.